The Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Projects
OPUS II - A New Virtual Pipe Organ
(Hosted on the Raspberry Pi - a web server for 25.00 - and consuming only 5 watt!)

  How it all started OPUS I - The first organ!  
  OPUS II - a New Hauptwerk Project  
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YOU HAVE SEEN OPUS I - My First Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ

I started my first Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ project in 2008. It has lasted me for almost nine years. Over several years, it grew: it gained multiple channel audio, which gives it truly impressive sound which amazes everyone who hears and plays it. It gained three new PCs over those years, each with more powerful CPUs, more RAM and then increased fixed disc storage until it had 2 x 3TB in a RAID array. Then it gained a pair of Novation LaunchPads, which greatly increased the flexibility of control.

OPUS II - A New Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ is on its way!

But I have decided to build a second console using all that experience I have gained with the first organ. OPUS II will have some of the playing aids that professional organists and recitalists who have played OPUS I (as my first organ is now named) have missed.
So we'll have a new pedalboard - it will have slightly thicker pedal sticks, in line with modern practice;
A set of brand new, especially built high quality keyboards with tracker action;
Two expression pedals of standard design;
A full set of 37 divisional and general thumb pistons;
Proper toe pistons;
16 dedicated couplers;
Capacity for up to 16 Audio Channels, easily configured as 8 stereo pairs;
And full control of all operations relating to powering up of audio, computer and other devices from a proper console panel.
On top of all that, I am building a new console, a little bigger than OPUS I, which will have stop jambs with a much friendlier arrangement for stop control. (I cannot afford electro magnetic action stops at this stage, but these will be a good second best).
A new PC will complete the new organ.
Watch this space for progress!

My new book:
"All about Hauptwerk"
is available now from:

All about your Computer
A full explanation of how to setup and use Hauptwerk: keyboards/ pedalboard/  expression pedals/ and controller accessories.
There are designs for a pedalboard and console
Multi-channel audio setup, convolution reverb setup, tuning and temperament are also covered.
YouTube Video
showing the book

  Here is how everything will fit together:
My Hauptwerk Schematic

More Items of Interest for the Virtual Pipe Organ

Combination Set List - Palace of Arts, Budapest

I have prepared a Combination Set List for the PAB Medium Edition.
It details 29 combinations for use with this quite large instrument.
I hope to do the same for the PAB Professional Edition soon, but that is an even bigger task!
The combination list can be downloaded via the link to the right.

Download PAB Medium combination list
If you have found the information on this site useful, please
Novation LaunchPad Overlays
We have produced several A4 transparency overlays for the Novation LaunchPad, for use with Hauptwerk.
- Esztergom Collectors'
- Haverhill OIC Extended
- Hereford Volume II (46 stop)
- PAB Medium
- PAB Professional
- Salisbury Volume I
- St Anne's Moseley
My Novation LaunchPad overlays are available for download from Lulu, here:

Novation Launchpad Overlays

Support independent publishing: Buy this product on Lulu.


If you are interested in any of the components used in this organ or wish to know any more constructional details,
feel free to contact me at the email address below.
I am also willing and able to build PCs for use with Hauptwerk, for users in the UK, usually from about 1,300.
I can usually supply 15", 17" and 19" CTX, and 22" WS Iiyama touchscreens to users in the UK. There is a leaflet here (see last page).
If you are interested in having a full organ console built, of similar design but by a professional woodworker, and you live in the UK and can drive to Wiltshire, feel free to contact me, as I have an arrangement with a very highly skilled woodworker who will build a console to an agreed specification. You should be warned, however, that such a console is likely to cost about 10,000.


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