Ludwig (Luigi) van Beethoven: Sixth symphony (Pastoral theme)

This page plays part of the of the Sixth Symphony of Luigi (as he preferred to be called) van Beethoven. It is the well known part of the first movement, the pastoral theme.

The organ is a virtual organ and is that of l'eglise St Madeleine in Paris, France. Compare it with that of the St Anne's church in Moseley, which is near Birmingham in the UK.
This Cavaille-Coll symphonic organ is massive, and although the entire organ (53 stops in 4 manual divisions and 9 stops in the pedal division) has been modelled, in the virtual organ the stops are not directly controllable, but are instead selected by just three combination pistons on each of two manuals and two on the pedals. Two couplers allow the pedal to be coupled with each manual. The sound is heavily reverberant, as St Madeleine's has a reverberation time of about 8 second!
Parts of the piece features the organ in tutti which requires a good sound system on your PC!
The arrangement is by the performer and is improvised.
Click on the Player controls to play the performance.

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Part of the first movement, Sixth symphony
Luigi van Beethoven (1771-1827)